How to Fix "Achievements cannot be earned in this world". Re enable Achievement in Minecraft Bedrock.

Hello Friends So If you switched your Minecraft World from survival to creative mode, Minecraft will permanently disable the Achievements. and you can't able to Turn on Achievement in Minecraft and show the error of 'Achievements cannot be earned in this worldafter going back to creative to survival. and This tutorial will show you How to Re-enable Achievement in Minecraft Bedrock.

Why Minecraft Achievement is disabled in the World?

Minecraft Achievements are earned only in Survival mode. If the game is saved while in Creative mode or if cheats are turned on, the ability to earn achievements/trophies in that world is permanently disabled. Going back to Survival mode or turning off cheats does not re-enable it. or sometimes it's just a glitch that happened to your world and it is never automatically fixed.

but I have a trick and software that will Turn on or Re-enable Achievement in Minecraft without deleting the world in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

So you need to follow my steps below to Unlock Achievements in Minecraft.

What are Achievements?

Achievements were introduced to Minecraft in the Xbox 360 Edition beta version 1.2.12. They were added because, according to Searge, the team wanted to add a progress bar of some kind; they had found that many players on Xbox Live would play until they received enough achievements to unlock a skin or a world, then quit.[1] The first release of Achievements had 12 of them. This was increased to 43 in 1.6.1 and then brought up to 64 in the final release of 1.8.

Achievements (trophies in PlayStation editions) are a way to gradually guide new players into Minecraft by giving them challenges to complete. They also serve as a way for other players to see which goals have been reached. Achievements/trophies are tracked per user account and edition. They are not tracked separately per world; that is, achievements earned in one world will apply to all worlds using that edition and user account. Achievements are logged to an Xbox Live account on most Bedrock Edition platforms, except for PS4 where achievements are logged to a PSN account instead. They are independent of one another, allowing players to get them in any order. Once earned, they cannot be reset.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

There are 111 achievements in Bedrock Edition. Since Bedrock Edition 1.16.0, achievements also give rewards, which include emotes and character creator items. They can be unlocked only by completing their respective achievement. As of 1.17.2, 54 achievements offer rewards for their completion.

What happened to my achievements in the Minecraft world?

According to the Wiki Bedrock/Console achievements can't be earned in a world that is or has been in Creative mode but the achievements aren't stored per world.

So if you start a new world in Survival mode it sounds like you'd have your achievements there and could continue earning the rest there.

If you ask in the Bedrock/Console section of the Wiki somebody might know how to get out of Creative mode if you are still stuck and just maybe there is some way to make a copy of your world that wasn't tagged as having been in Creative mode. Otherwise, you'll probably have to use a different world to earn the rest of the achievements.

How to fix Achievements cannot be earned in this world.

How to Re-enable Achievement in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Here are the steps to Re-enable/Turn On the Achievements in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and to Fix the error 'Achievement cannot be earned in this world'.
  1. Download & Install Universal Minecraft Editor.
  2. Open Universal Minecraft Editor.
  3. Select the Windows 10 option.
  4. Select your world and open it.
  5. Select World Settings. 
  6. Find 'hasBeenLoadedInCreative' file.
  7. Change their value from 1 to 0.
  8. Now find the 'commandsEnabled' file.
  9. Change their value from 1 to 0.
  10. Press the Ctrl+S key on your keyboard to save all settings.
Now your Minecraft World will be able to earn the Achievements and the error 'Achievement cannot be earned in this world' will be removed.

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