How to Fix Blogger Post Thumbnail not Appearing in Website.


How to Fix Blogger Post's Thumbnail not showing.

Hey, If you are using Blogger then you will face a problem sometimes thumbnail missing or not appearing, not showing on the homepage or everywhere. and you can't find a perfect and working solution on google.

But I will fix your problem 100 %. So the problem is not in your image or image file type and not in the blogger. The problem is in the settings of Image size in the blogger post. 

Different Blogger Themes have supported different Image Dimensions. I will show you how to get rid of this problem.

What is Thumbnail in Blogger.

Thumbnails, which are small images, can be used as links. You add thumbnails to your Blogger blog using widgets, which Google refers to as gadgets. You can set up photo website-specific gadgets or a gadget that displays thumbnails of images used in recent posts from your Blogger blog or another blog.

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How to Post Thumbnail Files on Blogger

  1. Go to or and sign in to your account.
  2. Then go to Blogger >>> Posts, which thumbnail not appearing.
  3. From Published posts Select that post that is not showing Thumbnails.
  4. Press Edit Post.
  5. Re-upload the image. (make sure image is in the jpg and png format)
  6. Press update post.

How to Fix Thumbnail not Showing of Bloggers Post. 

  1. Go to your Blogger post which is not showing the thumbnail.
  2. Then select the image which does not appear on the thumbnail.
  3. Then click on Image size.
  4. Now Set the image size to 'Original' size. 
  5. Now Publish or Update your Post.
  6. Then see your Blog and post,  
  You will see that the Thumbnails are perfectly showing on the Homepage and in the Post too.   

How to Fix Blogger Post's Thumbnail not showing.
How to Fix Blogger Post's Thumbnail not showing.


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